Title: Beyond Form-Fills: Leveraging Google Analytics and LeadFormix to Drill into Website Behavior

Summary: You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

Data is everywhere. The key is to understand how to collect it and how to put the pieces together to discover insight that will make your marketing efforts more effective than ever. Web Analytics can serve as a foundation to eliminate marketing guess work and help create a platform for growth.

Listen to Dan Antonson, Lead Analyst at SMCpros as he outlines how to combine Google Analytics and LeadFormix to answer critical business questions.


Dan Antonson As Lead Analyst at SMCpros, Dan Antonson is constantly on the lookout for new tools in the web space. Always interested in communication, he began to study and research online user behavior in college at the University of Minnesota. His studies ultimately brought him into the digital measurement space and to SMCpros. Whether it’s teaching others how to apply social media measurement or gather sales intelligence, Dan makes his talks engaging and relevant to nearly any audience.

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Title: Content Marketing the Green Way

Summary: How to reduce your marketing resource drain with “recycling-friendly” content reuse.

Content is still king. In fact, on average, sites that engage in content marketing tactics such as maintaining a blog, receive 55% more traffic than those that do not. Content marketing may seem an attractive concept, but it’s not easy. Effective content marketing requires talent, ideas and time. If you have none of those things, listen to Ben Bradley, managing director of Macon Raine discuss content reuse as an effective way to improve the performance of your content marketing strategy.


Ben Bradley is managing director of Macon Raine, a B2B inbound and outbound marketing agency that helps companies find the shortest and quickest path to new revenue. Visit the website at www.maconraine.com

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Title: How to create a rain machine


A rain machine uses a combination of inbound, outbound, content development, CRM and marketing automation tools. It drives traffic to your website, gives prospects more reasons to consider your solution. It reduces the cost of sales and woos leads until they are ready to be sold.

Listen to this recorded video presentation by Chuck McMurray, a client-in-residence with B2B marketing agency Macon Raine, that discusses methods for building your own rain machine.


Chuck McMurray client-in-residence with Macon Raine, Inc.

Chuck McMurray is a client-in-residence with Macon Raine, Inc. – a B2B marketing agency that specializes in CRM and marketing automation campaigns. Chuck is also a business development architect with California-based Alteryx – a business intelligence (BI) technology that lets users easily invent smart and extensible software applications to solve data analysis problems and make decisions.

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