Short Takes

Must Read Books for Marketers in 2013

Settling down with a book can be a wonderful de-stressor. Revisit an old favorite. Or pick up a book that makes you laugh. If you are someone who likes to keep up to date professionally, then here’s a list of some informative, yet entertaining marketing books we’ve read and enjoyed.

As CMO's Budget Overtakes CIO's Budget, Is There a Need for Greater Collaboration Between The Two?

Gartner predicts that by 2017 CMO’s budgets will overtake CIO’s budget. Already organizations are spending more on marketing now than in the past. CMO’s have realized the potential of Social Media, Analytics and Big Data to enhance customer engagement and positively influence marketing outcomes.

SEO: Do or Die!

Recent stats show that 92% of B2B buyers go online to research products and services. In the first phase of the buying cycle, 90% of senior decision makers begin their informal research online. And 72% of B2Bs who publish a weekly blog pull in customers who read their posts.

Keywords: Are You Going Overboard With Them?

Yes, it all comes down to keywords. As B2B marketers, you know that for SEO to succeed you must use lots of relevant keywords in your website content. Yet, “Keyword Stuffing” or the practice of using too many keywords, too often, can actually damage your search engine ranking and cause viewer dissatisfaction.

Building B2B Backlinks - Quick Tips

Backlinks or inbound links are the core of an effective SEO strategy. Simply put, they are links on other websites that point to your website. Not only do they do a lot to shape brand image but, search engines like Google also reward websites that have quality backlinks with a higher ranking.

Top 5 Ways to Integrate B2B Email and Social Marketing

As social marketing comes to the forefront, with marketers increasing their social spend by 9.6% this year, does it signal the end of other channels like email? A recent B2B Marketing Benchmark Report suggests otherwise. Email is still considered the strongest source for website engagement and has the highest comparative conversion rate at 2.9% (well above the 1.6% overall average).

Which Social Channels Are Effective For B2B Advertising?

B2B decision makers are increasingly spending more time on social channels. Social media advertising is one way to engage with prospects, create awareness and top of mind recall for your brand. But with so many social channels out there, it can be a hard decision for B2B advertisers. How to choose the right mix that targets their niche segment, while leveraging their resources best?

5 Ways to Improve Email Engagement

Email is a convenient way to reach your target audience to create and raise brand awareness. However, it’s best not to bombard subscribers with a flurry of emails. Subscribers are in a continuous rush to clear their inboxes and often delete important mails in this rush. To retain your subscriber base it is essential to implement sound email engagement tactics.

List Segmentation: One Size Does Not Fit All

It helps to think from a recipient’s point of view. What do we look for from other marketing emails that we receive? Obviously, relevant content, information that is interesting to us… in short, more targeted emails. So we can assume that the same is expected from us as a marketer.

Should You Advertise on Social Media?

2013 has seen small and big B2B companies allocate a greater portion of their marketing budget towards social media. According to a survey by CMO, B2B companies allocate 8.4% of their overall marketing budget to social media. This is expected to increase to 11.5% by the end of the year and to 21.6% over the next five years. We guess this means that B2B marketers are finally convinced that social media is critical to stay ahead of the pack.