Sales Intelligence is Key

Intelligence Is Key

Your company website is the biggest source of leads for your sales pipeline. Wish you had more intelligence about these leads?

CallidusCloud's Daily Leads Report offers you a comprehensive daily view of all your website leads. Get real-time, enterprise-level insight –the "who, what, when and whom".

You will know:

  • Who visited your website today?
  • What product/ solution were they interested in?
  • Their intent.
  • Time of visit.
  • Whom to contact.

Set up your Daily Leads Report and get complete intelligence on your leads - delivered to your mailbox daily.

Goodbye Login. Hello Email!

Want to know when leads signed up for a demo? Or maybe you want to get a quick start with those leads who signed up for a special offer.

With your busy schedule, logging into your CallidusCloud account continuously to check for updates on your leads' activity is probably not the best use of your time.

So we've made it easy for you. Use CallidusCloud Marketing Automation to set up "queries" - predefine your criteria and categorize your leads. Then set up email alert notifications and voila, you can stay up-to-date on the leads entering your pipeline.

A Little Insight Can Go a Long Way

Your marketing team probably runs a lot of different campaigns to bring in and nurture leads – SEO efforts, paid campaigns, email campaigns, special offers, webinars etc. But what does this mean to you?

With CallidusCloud Marketing Automation, you have the power of insight. Stay in the loop. Learn what marketing campaigns result in specific lead activity and in the process learn more about your leads' interest and intent.

Perhaps your lead signed up for a webinar and then took a demo of a specific solution. Then he visited your solution pricing page. Now you know what to pitch and when!

Acting Territorial? Why Not

If you are like most other B2B companies, you certainly don't want your sales people tripping over each other while chasing leads. So in all probability your sales team is organized by territory.

Needless to say then, what you need are leads categorized by territory.

With CallidusCloud Marketing Automation, you can filter your leads by territory – country, state and city. So you can focus on only what is, literally, in your own backyard!

Get Customized Email Signatures

Wouldn't it be nice if your entire sales team could have attractive customizable email signatures with hyperlinks? CallidusCloud Marketing Automation gives you just that. In your email signatures add a photo, company logo, social buttons, Call-to-Action buttons and several hyperlinks. These signatures can also be copied or downloaded in HTML format for easy use in Outlook and Gmail.

Track your Leads while on the Go

We have a new app for your Android phone. Get the latest 20 visits for any custom filter saved on your CallidusCloud account on your phone or just create a new custom filter and view the results on your phone. CallidusCloud for the Android is a must-have app for your sales team.