Research Reports

Title: Why Should You Use LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation?


Social media marketing has become an important part of the overall marketing mix for most companies. Presence on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is a significant part of this effort. In June 2010, we published a report on – HOW EFFECTIVE IS SOCIAL MEDIA FOR B2B LEAD GENERATION? – where we found that, of all the social networking sites, LinkedIn was the most effective in sending leads or enterprise visitors to B2B company websites.

This report features a more in-depth analysis of the enterprise visitors from LinkedIn and their behavior. B2B companies will get a better understanding of the LinkedIn platform and learn how to optimize their use of this professional networking site to generate more quality leads.

This report is based on actual data gathered from across our client base.

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Title: Impact of Google Algorithm Change on B2B Companies


The Google algorithm change has given rise to a lot of speculation as marketers worry about how it will affect their marketing efforts and their business at large.

The aim of the changes were to eliminate content farms and similar sites which were hogging the first few results for certain queries and replace them with more relevant content.

The change has currently been rolled out in the US alone.

We wanted to see how this change in Google search algorithm will affect our B2B clients in the US. To find out we decided to measure and track any significant changes in the overall traffic and search ranking for some of our clients. This report is based on actual data gathered from across our client base.

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Title: How Effective Is Social Media for B2B Lead Generation?


This B2B Social Media Report Card is an effort to measure and answer some critical questions like -

  • Is social media marketing useful for B2B lead generation?
  • How many leads (defined as enterprise visitors) come to a website through social media channels?
  • Which are the social media channels which work best for B2B companies - if their goal is lead generation?
  • What does a visitor look for most, once on the website - the phrases of interest which express the intent of his visit to the site?