Automate your Marketing

CallidusCloud Marketing Automation is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that helps you create and manage effective marketing campaigns.

Lead Scoring

Use CallidusCloud Marketing Automation to score and rank leads to keep your sales team focused on the best sales opportunities.

Score leads based on demographics and activities: Calculate scores for leads based on demographic profiles, online activity and anything else that matters.

Actionable alerts: Use the email alert service to notify you every time a lead crosses a threshold score so that your sales team can reach out to the hot lead immediately.

Email Campaigns

Use the Email module to deliver targeted messages to prospects about your products or services.

Build useful lists: Construct new prospect lists (or suppression lists) based on any set of characteristics that CallidusCloud Marketing Automation tracks.

Use templates to speed development: CallidusCloud Marketing Automation provides many text and HTML templates which you can modify quickly to suit your needs.

Create, test, schedule, send: Manage your email campaigns with CallidusCloud Marketing Automation's user-friendly interface.

Reports: Understand the efficiency of your marketing campaigns with management reports.

Landing Pages

Use the CallidusCloud Marketing Automation Landing Page Tool to quickly create and deploy professional landing pages for your campaigns.

Easy to use: You don't need specialized training or knowledge to create landing pages with visuals, videos, call-to-action buttons, forms, and so forth. It's easy with CallidusCloud.

Publish in minutes: Deploy your landing pages immediately without the involvement of other teams.


Define lead nurture campaigns in CallidusCloud Marketing Automation Workflow module to transform cold leads to hot ones.

Time-based triggers: Set up periodic triggers for your email nurture campaign to reach out to prospects at regular intervals.

Action-based triggers: CallidusCloud Marketing Automation allows you to customize responses for each prospect based on his response to emails (e.g., never opened, click through, no clicks after opening). Complex logic paths with sub-tasks will support your most intricate nurture campaign tactics.