Marketing Automation Software

A Good Marketing Program Is Only as Good as Its Database

CallidusCloud Marketing Automation offers you a powerful and easy-to-use platform to manage your leads database.

Pull it all together: Want to consolidate all your leads from different sources? CallidusCloud Marketing Automation makes it easy for you to view all leads coming in from your website, marketing campaigns, form fills, email campaigns, social media and even your offline leads in one single dashboard.

Actionable intelligence: With CallidusCloud Marketing Automation you get complete lead data, from company details to decision maker's contact data. What's more, the company level intelligence and buying intent (derived from browsing behavior) make it easy for you to act upon your leads.

Seamless integration: What makes CallidusCloud Marketing Automation truly powerful is its integration with your sales CRM system, which ensures a smooth transition of leads from marketing to sales.

Separate the Wheat From the Chaff With Lead Scoring

CallidusCloud Marketing Automation helps you separate the high-intent, ready-to-buy leads from the low-intent, just-looking-for-info leads. Use CallidusCloud to score, qualify and prioritize leads, so your sales team need focus only on higher-quality leads for faster conversions.

Score based on activity: Want to look for leads that have visited specific pages, or filled out a form – maybe they are ready to buy? CallidusCloud Marketing Automation lets you set scores for leads based on different types of visitor activities so you can quickly qualify them for lead nurturing.

Score based on demographics: Does your sales team already know a typical company profile or individual job title where they are successful in selling? Use the typical to set your scores and speedtrack such leads to your sales team.

Alerts for quick action: With CallidusCloud Marketing Automation, you can set up email alerts that let you know when a lead crosses a threshold scoring level, so your sales team can quickly reach out to the prospect.

Drip by Drip, Nurture Your Leads

Small, frequent and low-risk engagements over a long period of time can transform cold leads to hot ones. All you need to do is to chart out your nurture path. Use the CallidusCloud Workflow module to execute the campaign.

Simple time-based trigger: Do you want to keep it simple with the low-intent leads, where you merely reach out to them with your message at regular intervals? With CallidusCloud Marketing Automation it is easy to set up time-based triggers for your email nurturing campaign.

Complex action-based trigger: If a lead opens your email, follow it up with a webinar invite. If he opens the email but does not click, send him a case study. If he opens and clicks, send him a discount offer. No variation is too complex for the CallidusCloud Workflow Module. You can set up complex nurture paths with several trigger-based sub-tasks.

Email Campaigns Made Easy

A marketing mix without an email campaign is incomplete. Use CallidusCloud Marketing Automation Emails to effectively deliver your message to your prospects and customers.

Build amazing lists while you sleep: Get lists of all website visitors. Generate dynamic lists based on specific criteria, segmented lists and suppression lists. You can even upload lists collected from offline sources.

Templates on the go: Pick from a wide range of text and HTML templates. Edit the content and visuals if you wish, and you are ready to go.

Create, test, schedule, send: Create and manage all your email campaigns through the user-friendly interface.

Reports: Check out our reports to learn how each campaign performed.

From Social Conversations to Sales Prospects

Whether you like it or not, your prospects discuss your business, products and services in new digital venues, especially social media channels. Know what they are say, learn what they want and devise special campaigns to reach out to them.

Schedule posts: Compose and schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn through our Social module.

Shorten links: Use CallidusCloud URL Shortener to shorten links. Shortened links are trackable and are convenient to share across social media.

Monitor your activities: You can monitor clicks, referral traffic and get a geographic breakup of traffic.

Every Campaign Needs a Landing Page

Online ad campaigns, email campaigns, content campaigns – they all need landing pages. Create, edit and deploy professional HTML landing pages within minutes with CallidusCloud's Landing Pages.

Easy to use: Create landing pages on the fly. Text, visuals, videos, Call-to-Action buttons, forms – you can have it all on your landing page. No design support needed! You can even optimize your page for keywords by yourself.

Publish in minutes: With CallidusCloud Marketing Automation, it is easy to deploy your landing pages immediately without any web team support.

Manage your Blog Through CallidusCloud

Host and manage your WordPress blog on CallidusCloud's servers in just a few quick steps. You can access your files and edit them easily. We also provide templates and plugins in our Blog module.

Enjoy free templates: You will have access to several ready-to-use templates to change the look and feel of your blog.

Get free plugins: We provide predefined plugins for SEO and social media integration.

Run Marketing Promotions With LeadHooks

LeadHooks gives marketers a great dynamic toolbar to run marketing promotions on their website with no dependence on design and web teams.

LeadHooks for content and webinars: Through LeadHooks you can have a dynamic toolbar appear across your website to promote your content assets. We also provide a specialized hook to promote webinars called the Webinar Hook.

Target your audience: You can target your hook based on the audience's geography and industry.