Inside Sales Effectiveness

Anonymous Enterprise Visitors – Now Uncovered

Thousands of prospects visit your website every month. Most leave without filling a form, revealing their identity or intent behind their visit. Are you losing out on an opportunity here?

Not anymore.

With CallidusCloud Marketing Automation, you can now uncover hidden opportunities from anonymous web traffic. CallidusCloud Marketing Automation accurately identifies enterprise visitors and their intent, thereby helping you build a healthy pipeline.

See a 200-500% increase in your qualified business leads.

No more Flying Blind into Sales Calls

Sales EffectivenessInformation is power. And going into a sales call, you need all the information you can get.

With CallidusCloud Marketing Automation, you get complete company level information. From website address to physical location, annual revenues to employee strength, and even the latest news – you have it all at your finger tips.

What's more, CallidusCloud Marketing Automation derives the company's buying intent based on visitor history and browsing behavior on your website.

Leverage the Power of CallidusCloud to make your Sales Call more Meaningful

Effectiveness of Inside SalesFinding contacts need not be a fishing expedition.

So you have a lead in hand. You've got the company details; you know they are interested in your offering. Now, who do you contact?

You no longer have to go searching for contact names and data. CallidusCloud Marketing Automation automatically pulls in potential decision makers and their contact data, so your leads are phone-call ready.

Your lead is now just a phone call away.

You've got Mail

Inside Sales Teams effectivenessWith your busy calling schedule, you probably do not have the time to regularly visit the CallidusCloud application and sort and view all your leads.

So we've made it easy for you. We deliver your leads right into your mailbox. Every day.

CallidusCloud Marketing Automation's Daily Leads Report offers you an easy to understand, comprehensive, daily view of all your website visitor leads. You can set up queries to filter your leads based on your desired criteria and CallidusCloud ensures that the filtered leads are automatically delivered to you.

No pain, but all the gain.