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What Our Customers Say

"As business intelligence and analytics consultants, for almost twenty years we've worked with companies to capitalize on their data and improve their business processes. However, our own marketing data was very weak. For example, while Google AdWords could tell us how many people were directed to our website, it didn't tell us who those people were. But, within a week of starting up with CallidusCloud Marketing Automation, we found situations where we could identify and investigate prospects after they hit our web site but before they even called us. And, Adwords certainly didn't allow us to build automated processes to respond to our website hits. With CallidusCloud we're developing those capabilities. In the end, the new tools will allow us to better know our prospects and have a marketing presence that makes us look like companies with far larger marketing budgets."

Benjamin Taub

"Working with CallidusCloud Marketing Automation has enabled Array Networks to grow its Q2 2012 revenue in North America by 66% over Q2 2011. CallidusCloud's comprehensive marketing automation solution has helped me streamline Array Networks' demand generation needs and produce quality leads that I could sent to our inside sales reps. Seeing the impact marketing has had on Array Networks' revenue performance, my management is talking about tying my compensation to sales."

Paul Andersen
Sr. Marketing Manager,
Array Networks

"The CallidusCloud Marketing Automation platform will enable us to effectively implement our marketing campaigns and better follow through to maximize their impact on our sales pipeline. The insights provided by the platform will enable our sales team to focus on the right opportunities, connect with the decision makers and close deals faster than ever before."

Ernie Kaminaris
President and CEO, DAX Systems

"We now identify nearly a third more anonymous visitors than before across our three websites. CallidusCloud's marketing automation solution has increased our sales opportunities from search campaigns sevenfold. As a result, Galley Inc. is delivering more than four times the number of potential sales compared to form fills alone. I am delighted at how quickly we have seen the benefits of the CallidusCloud solution."

Larry Spritzer
Owner, Galley Inc.

"Leading companies are looking for every competitive advantage in their marketing and selling efforts. The unique capabilities CallidusCloud Marketing Automation brings to the table can help us to better interact and communicate with our prospects as well as give sales more opportunity to focus on the right leads for better results"

Rob Israch
Senior Director of Global Demand Generation, NetSuite

"CallidusCloud Marketing Automation provides us with actionable insights on visitor activities on our website. These insights help build our lead pipeline and help make both the sales and marketing teams more effective. The integration with Salesforce.com greatly facilitates the automatic creation of leads. All these benefits, combined with features like lead scoring, email templates and workflow help make CallidusCloud an invaluable tool that notably enhances the productivity of our organization on a daily basis."

Devang Mehta
Head of Marketing, QMetry

"GlobalLogic provides S/W R&D services to our clients. The web is an important part of our marketing strategy. In order to meet our aggressive revenue targets, we needed a lead generation solution that provided actionable leads from our web traffic. We needed to quickly identify qualified opportunities for our sales team. CallidusCloud Marketing Automation provides our team timely and meaningful insights on prospects visiting our website."

Sachin Saxena
VP Strategy & Worldwide Marketing C&E BU, GlobalLogic

"CallidusCloud Marketing Automation has been instrumental in helping us understand who is visiting our website, how long they're browsing and what they're interested in. This level of knowledge provides our team the insight to make informed calls to interested prospects. And, the analytics have let us track the most effective content that drives traffic and interest. CallidusCloud has become a critical component of our sales and marketing efforts."

Mike Ivanov
Vice President, Marketing, Permabit

"Jamcracker has been using CallidusCloud's integrated marketing solution for the past year, and we're thrilled with it. What I particularly like is, how it enables us to do closed-loop marketing campaigns. On average, we're seeing open-rates and click-throughs that are more than double what we would normally experience with a standard opt-in list. CallidusCloud Marketing Automation is a very effective sales and marketing tool and I highly recommend it."

Steve Crawford
VP Marketing & Business Development, Jamcracker