Intelligent Lead Nurturing Tracks for B2Bs

Defining lead nurturing tracks are a critical part of any lead nurturing program. It is common for marketers to lay out simple nurture tracks that send out a series of emails that flow from awareness to evaluation, regardless of the prospects actions. However, simple nurture tracks are not always effective and marketers may at times find the need to lay out more complex or intelligent tracks. Such tracks allow them to adapt their nurturing approaches based on internal scores, changes in prospect behavior/demographics or market conditions, effectively moving prospects gradually down the funnel.

Some intelligent nurture tracks B2B marketers must consider including in their game plan are:

New prospects welcome track

This track focuses on informing and educating new prospects about your company and your products. The early stages of engagement are the best time to get prospects excited about your business and build trust. Even though they might not be sales ready, you want to let them know that you are glad they got in touch. Send them varying content and calls to action that allow you get to know them better. As prospects move along the welcome track, be attentive to any triggers which might enable you to move them to a more accelerated or slower paced track.

Low intensity contact track

As prospects move along the welcome track, you might realize that some of them are just not going to be ready to buy anytime soon. Move these prospects to a low intensity track which sends them communication at regular intervals and reminds them of your presence. You can also move prospects from accelerated tracks who suddenly decide to delay their buying decision, to this track. Remember that many of these prospects are likely to convert to leads at some point, and when they do, you need to be on top of mind recall.

Specific information track

At times you have prospects that show interest in certain topics or specific types of information. Move them to a track where they will continue to receive follow ups focused on these interests. Build a rapport and use the opportunity to educate them and answer all their questions or doubts. Give them the confidence they need to move further down the funnel.

Wake up track

Very often prospects in the welcome track or perhaps even those in more accelerated tracks become inactive. Move them to a track that focuses on delivering innovative, interesting content that will nudge them awake. When they begin to show signs of activity or they begin to respond to some calls to action, move them back onto one of your other tracks.

Accelerated engagement track

Prospects that show a definite interest in buying need to be set on a nurture track that accelerates them through the buying stages. Give them content that makes them confident that your product will fit their need and is the best solution.

Sales returned lead track

It sometimes happens that prospects that are sales ready, when passed on as leads, are not qualified by the sales team. Bring these prospects back to a track that continues to send them useful content with the hope that you can again convert them to a qualified sales ready lead.

Lost lead track

There will be times when you will lose a prospect to a competitor. Do not at that point delete them from all lists. Instead stay in touch. Find out why you lost their business. Ask them for feedback as this will help you improve your nurturing tactics. By staying connected, you could win them back, should their contract with your competitor expire, or they are unsatisfied with their service.

After sale track

When a prospect finally closes a sale, officially becoming a customer, don’t stop communicating with them. Ask for feedback and assure them that you are there to support them while they install and start using your product. Keep them updated about product upgrades, company achievements, or useful tips and tactics. Strengthen the bond you built up while nurturing them, so they continue doing business with you.

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