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At LeadFormix we’re fully committed to making our customers successful once they start using our marketing automation platform. We’ve noticed that a few customers don’t derive the value they expect at the outset if they implement the solution without a clear definition of their own demand generation processes. As well, some of these customers lack the resources to keep their staff fully up to speed on the latest skills, techniques and best practices to operate their demand generation machine at peak performance.

Seeing the same set of demand generation challenges repeatedly inspired us to create a dedicated reference tool for demand generation professionals titled, Demand Generation Professional Handbook; A Reference Guide for Today’s Marketers. In it we share the essential knowledge required for creating high quality leads that convert to sales. By focusing on the practice of effective demand generation, we believe our readers will be well-equipped to extract maximum value from their marketing automation investments. In other words, through smart and agile deployment of technology, these individuals will consistently generate quality leads at lower cost that yield substantial revenue gains.

We call your attention to the three frameworks (the lead generation model, the traditional sales funnel, and the SiriusDecisions demand waterfall diagram) in the “Basics” section of Chapter 3. If you read nothing else in the Handbook, please review these models and apply them appropriately to drive your marketing to the next level of effectiveness.

Finally, we remind you that every marketing department is different. One size doesn’t fit all. Everyone will use these concepts differently. If you’re at the beginning of a demand generation journey, start with the frameworks and hypotheses; and apply them initially in a limited manner. Learn by doing, sweat the details and fail fast so that you can learn from what you didn’t know. As you refine your skills and knowledge, evolve and scale up your operations. Marketing automation tools like LeadFormix allow you to test constantly and execute rapid measurement and refinement cycles based on hard data. To be the best rock star demand generation professional that you can be, you need to achieve quantifiable results with both speed and accuracy. Good luck and God speed.

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