Don’t Leave Your Sales to Rot Among Spreadsheets

Is your sales organization still stuck in the Excel era, while the rest of the B2B marketplace has galloped away into digital bliss? Surprising as it is, even today many large high-tech enterprises often leave their sales teams to rot amidst spreadsheet drudgery, failing to give them the tools and technologies they need to hit [...]

World Cups, Commentators, and the New B2B Buyer

World cup fever is truly upon us with some big surprises being served up already – Spain’s 5-1 drubbing, Portugal’s 4-0 mauling at the hands of Germany, and England actually playing decent football (despite loosing to Italy). One thing that is no surprise is the amount of statistics the commentators have at their disposal – [...]

What Should you be Looking for in Entrepreneurs?

Not surprisingly, the same qualities that investors are looking for in entrepreneurs are the same qualities that companies are looking for in sales people. The top priority for both is how well do they engage their audience. According to Robert Herjavec, Star of ABC’s Shark Tank, if you come out and “start with this boring [...]

C3 2014 Has Come and Gone…

C3 made a triumphant return to the Aria in Las Vegas this year, bigger and better than it has ever been before. C3 2014 had nearly double the number of registrants of C3 2013. For those of you who were able to attend, we trust you had a great experience, and for those of you [...]

How to Up Your Lead Nurturing Game

Only about 25% of the leads that marketing hands over to sales qualify as immediate sales opportunities. The remaining 75% of leads are time wasters in the eyes of sales. These leads need more convincing before they are ready to take a demo. But a large chunk of them will eventually convert if you keep [...]

Marketing, Make Sales Win

Sales and marketing often have an uneasy relationship, lacking trust and transparency. But at a time when marketers are being asked to show ROI for all their activities, marketing has little choice but to work with sales to meet the common organizational goal – generate higher revenues. One of the top priorities for marketers should [...]

3 Things You Need For Marketing Automation Success

Do you use your marketing automation platform simply to blast emails? While this is a glaring underutilization of a powerful and feature-rich platform, Gleanster says, this is what 75% of new users do. That said, marketing automation is an essential part of the lead to money process that works to help sales close deals as [...]

How to Create a Sales Playbook

Being an important part of sales enablement, sales playbooks can deliver higher revenue, shrink your sales cycle, and ensure consistent branding and messaging. Most organizations already have many parts of a sales playbook; but the key lies in organizing it neatly and making it easily accessible to your sales, inside sales, and partners. Wondering how [...]

Do You Have a Sales Playbook?

Most organizations have some parts of a sales playbook in place even if they don’t call it that. Often times it tends to be collateral and content that are scattered over the real and virtual world. Being scattered, it honestly defeats the purpose of a true sales playbook. A neatly organized sales playbook that is [...]

Lead Nurturing: Should You Automate It 100%?

I was inspired to write this post when a reader asked this very question, “Do you use 100% automation for your lead nurturing?” Off the bat, my answer was an immediate “no”. But it got me thinking; what all manual interventions can better your lead nurturing program? Lead nurturing can help nudge your inquiries to [...]

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