How to Make an SLA Between Marketing and Sales

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) between marketing and sales maybe just a one-pager, but it can be quite powerful. We recommend an SLA be made between the lead qualification team (which can be a subset of marketing) and the sales team to govern the process a lead goes through before handoff. Such an agreement can [...]

Sales Pipeline: How to Grow Marketing’s Contribution

Marketers today are increasingly told, “Show me the money!” They are urged to give up their old ways of running campaigns solely in the name of brand building and other intangible benefits. Instead, they are asked to magically transform leads into company revenue. Are you struggling to grow marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline? Don’t [...]

Sales Pipeline: What Does Marketing Contribute?

Traditionally, sales would scout for leads and marketing would craft the messaging. But in recent years marketing has undergone a sea change. It is trying to reinvent itself and shed its image of being a cost center. Today prospecting for leads has become a joint exercise between marketing, sales, and inside sales. Five years ago [...]

5 Tips for Lead Nurturing Sales Rejected Leads

Do you throw away all your sales rejected leads? Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Not all sales rejected leads should be flushed out of your funnel. In fact, studies show that sales will invariably reject leads and interestingly, an overwhelming majority of these leads will eventually buy from you if you [...]

Top 4 Things to Measure With Marketing Automation

Marketing automation platforms can be overwhelming at times, given the number of functionalities and reporting metrics available. When you have so many things to measure, the key is to know which ones to focus on. Concentrating on a handful of top metrics that define marketing helps showcase marketing’s value to the C-suite. Here are four [...]

Is Your Website Your No. 1 Lead Generation Tool?

Consumers today scour the internet for products, prices, and reviews. You can’t just let these people research you and go away. Instead you need to find out who they are and engage them. With inbound marketing the name of the game, your website should be your No. 1 lead generation tool. What’s more, by 2015 [...]

5 Secrets to Lead Nurturing Success

Marketers love lead nurturing; in fact it’s their favorite feature of marketing automation platforms. But how do you educate your leads and peak their interest in your brand without being salesy and obnoxious? Here are five secrets to achieve lead nurturing success. 1. Once a Year Seek Permission to Email Your Leads At the start [...]

Tips for Better Lead Management – Part II

Sales and marketing folks often fuss and fret over lead acquisition and rush over lead management. But lead management is just as important as lead acquisition. In fact, it is far more fruitful and far less expensive. In the first post in this two-part series I covered what marketing can do for better lead management. [...]

Do B2B Marketers Need Big Data?

Despite all the hype around big data not much has translated from plans into implementation. A Gartner survey in September 2013 showed that less than 8% of companies out of the 720 companies surveyed had made a big data deployment so far. A large chunk of companies are optimistic on the idea but still in [...]

Tips for Better Lead Management

While lead acquisition is a constant obsession with marketing and sales departments, you can reap much richer dividends if you pour your affections over the leads that you already have. Lead management, the process wherein you educate, nurture, score, and prioritize your leads, is indeed time well spent and can lead to a higher conversion [...]

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