Leverage the Power of CallidusCloud Marketing Automation to Drive Sales Revenue!

Identify your Leads
Who are the drive-by visitors on your website? Identify them. View all your leads coming from your website, your marketing campaign form fills, email campaigns, social media and even your offline leads all in a single Dashboard.

Get Precise Data
Find out the prospect's name, contact details, location, company name and company revenues. Identify the decision makers even without a form fill. Now you have all the information for a sales call.

Track their Behavior
Did your lead register for a webinar? Did he return two days later to click on your contact us page and your solution pricing page? How many times did he return to your site in two days? Now you know his interests. Make a pitch that will interest him.

Adopt a Lead Scoring Model
Give scores to each of your leads depending on their demographic and behavioral pattern. The warmest leads will have the highest scores. With CallidusCloud Marketing Automation, you can set up email alerts that let you know when a lead crosses a threshold scoring level, so your sales team can quickly reach out to the prospect.

Pass on Hot Leads to Sales
Categorize your leads. Nurture your leads with our automated Email campaign. Engage with your prospects till your brand is top of mind and then pass them onto sales.

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CallidusCloud Marketing Automation is a cloud-based B2B marketing automation platform that measures visitor activity on web pages to identify sales opportunities. Its sophisticated campaign management facilities increase marketing ROI and help to align marketing and sales organizations.

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